Corks #1 Outboard Sales


When it comes to “SERVICE” we like to think we invented the word!! Ok so we didn’t invent it, but we sure do believe in it, and it’s the backbone of our business. We offer what we believe to be the absolute best products, i.e. If there’s three grades a specific product we only offer the best. We pride ourselves on the service we offer.

Our techs are Factory trained and re-trained yearly, to stay ahead of a quickly changing industry. No matter what type of technology you currently own, direct injected 2 stroke, fuel injected four stroke, or even just a regular old carb two stroke, we have the people, the tools and the knowledge to keep your outboard and the boat it’s attached to, running great for a long time!!! Go ahead and give us a call or fill out the form below to set up a service appointment and we’ll start building a long positive relationship Today!


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